Know Your Wedding Ring Style

When the time to pick the wedding rings come, most buyers go blank about what designs to choose. If you are buying both together, the challenge is greater unless you select from the pair sets. Even buying a single wedding ring is an ordeal that requires lots of research, knowing your own style and of course the eye to pick the right piece. One thing that can help set a direction for your search is knowing your style. Knowing your style of wedding ring helps a lot in finding the right match. Now if you don’t know your style, that’s okay. This little exercise here can help you figure it out in just a minute.

Know Your Wedding Ring Style

Vintage Glam
The first thing that reveals plenty about your style is the details you like, because beauty is in the details. If you are a fan of details and like to have loads of it in your ornaments, then you are definitely a vintage jewelry person. Both vintage wedding rings and vintage-inspired rings feature copious hand engravings. Geometric shapes and milgrain are two other features that embellish vintage and vintage style rings, evoking the sense of vintage.

The Boho Spirit
If classic is not your thing, then you sure are a free spirit, or what they are calling these days, the bohemian bride. Indulge in the flowers, garlands, arrows, trellis and vines that are high on trend these days. These rings have a breezy style that anybody with a boho spirit will love. If you are someone who waltz to her own tune, then don’t get dictated by the trend. Pick anything from this section and stand out.

Classic Charm
If you want a ring that just can’t go wrong, then the classic charm is the section to pick from. This section features platinum eternity bands, gold infinity rings and specially designed anniversary rings. Expect to see a lot of pave-set diamonds and sapphires in this range. The classic charms section is one of the perennial favorites among women of all age groups.

High Society
If your taste is refined and luxury, then this is the section for you. Designed especially for the urban sophisticates, here you will find rings of all styles and designs. Emerald and radiant cuts are dominant in this section. Every ring from this range is a statement-making piece.

Low Profile
Alternately, if your lifestyle is active, then there are choices in low-profile rings which are practical in design and heavy-duty in built.

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