Jewelry Wish List for All Ladies out There

It comes as no surprise that many of us are always just an excuse away from a shopping spree. The gorgeous designer gown you bought from the sale ignoring the tens of dresses already stocking up in your wardrobe was for the upcoming gala night, the office wears you picked from Allen Solly was because your old formals were starting to get old and boring, even frayed by a stretch of imagination, the scarf and shoes you purchased from the new store right outside your work was a tryout. You know you have the reasons to go shopping any day, and why not, when it makes you happy.

When it comes to expensive jewelry though, most of us hesitate a little, let alone be impulsive. Some of us even wishfully wait for the fairy godmother from the bedtime tales to arrive and sprinkle some stardust by the side of the bed which will change into sparkling diamonds in the morning.
Well, what makes such flimsy wishes a little crystalline is a bucket list. Diamond jewelry, like clothes and shoes can’t be afforded every weekend. Some may even hesitate to shop on their payday.

The point of entering a piece that catches your eye in an advertisement or in the display of a store window in your wish list is so that it can be an actionable investment at some point. Live today and die tomorrow is not really the best attitude to have, you know. Saving towards a particular merchandise you wish to own is imperative.
So, how do you know what is judicious to include in your little book and what’s not. First of all, anything that is outside your means of immediate affordability should be avoided. For example, if you aim for Princess Diana’s blue diamond engagement heritage ring, then you might have to wait long enough for it to come to you by some bizarre and fateful chance. So, anything which is that distant a possibility should be ticked out.

Instead, your focus should be on things that are within your means. If it’s a diamond necklace you want to buy, do jot it down on your wish list, but rank it depending on your financial health and commitments. Also make sure that your list doesn’t have anything that exceeds your monthly earning. That would make it quite an extravagant purchase.
While on that topic, do have a budget for any jewelry that you are planning to buy, and no matter how hypnotic the call is, do not let a moment’s impulse strain your budget. Stick to the amount of money you have assigned to such purchases. Shop around and you might come across incredible pieces for unbelievable prices.

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