Some Jewelry Your Treasure Chest Must Have, Now or Later


With jewelry companies on a weekly roll to design and deploy new varieties of ornaments within restrictive deadlines, the galleries are refreshed more often than anyone would believe. As so many products come to make the choice extensive and variegated, it is puzzling to be specific about what you want. Every piece of jewel is a candy to the eyes of the audience and getting past that to list down pieces that must have as opposed to the ones you wish to have require some serious focusing. Named here are some of those must-haves that every woman needs to complete her jewelry collection.

A Pair of Gold Hoops
Golden hoops have been around from much before our time. Quite interestingly, these simple, yet fashion-forward earrings have somehow stood the dynamics of fashion. It is still a hot favorite of women around the world. Sometimes a pair of hoops is all it takes to complete a look. The best thing about these hoops is that they complement both western and ethnic outfits. So, why waste your money on the gold-plated ones when you know you will have more use with them than that? Get yourself a pair of gold hoops that can stand up to moisture exposure.

Diamond Studs
Studs are simple in model and make and that is the most unique thing about the design. There are not too many varieties that can be explored in this range. The settings and carats of the stone are all the differences that exist between two different pairs. However, that does not diminish the brilliance of these pieces by the slightest measure. They look swoon worthy at the very first glance and those who own them cherish them like only a few others in the jewelry box. So, get a pair or two when possible. Studs are the kinds of ornaments you hold on to for life.

A String of Pearl for the Neck
Pearl jewels are in this year, but that’s not why you should own a string necklace. Pearls are pretty much timeless and the fact that they keep reemerging in fashion every two years validates that. A strand of pearl for the neck has little in excess about it. It is sleek, minimalist and definitely chic and classy. The beauty of ivory pearl ornaments is that they can work equally well with both white and black. As for colors, you shall be surprised to see how they absorb and reflect vibrancy at the same time.

A Vintage Enameled Pendant
Every woman should have a heritage piece in her treasure box. The vintage enameled ones are particularly exquisite. The enamel works from back in time has a class of its own which are stridently different from those of today.

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