Jewelry Styles that Prevail from Summer through Autumn

There are some jewelry that are strictly occasional or seasonal, and there are others that are relevant all year-round. If you like to invest in jewelry that can be worn fashionably all the year round, then here are some pieces that we recommend adding to your collection. You can wear them solo, or mix and match them to suit the seasons. From glamorous to casually classy, these pieces make accessorizing as effortless as it can be. You can wear them with your yoga class suite as well as with your cocktail dress and get very different effects.

Jewelry Styles that Prevail from Summer through Autumn

Angular Art Deco Pieces
Some modern jewelry have architectural details and that give the pieces a different look and feel. You don’t have to be a gallery-hopping, art loving, museum enthusiast to appreciate these pieces. Almost anybody would like these geometric wearable pieces. They often have diamonds sprinkled all over, with vintage angles borrowed from the Art Deco era, both of which come together really well.

Layering Necklaces
Layering necklaces are in fashion this year and is likely to stay so for some years at least. They are great to pair up with work wear. They are fashionable in all seasons as long as you can keep your neck bare. They are a classic alternative to round-cut diamond pendants. The best part is, they cost a lot less than diamond solitaire pendants. Not that the layering necklaces do not have diamonds on them. The only difference is that they come with really fine chains and very small pendants.

Luxe Symbols
Let these haute collection be your treat for your year-long hard work. Treat yourself with a set of luxe symbol jewelry. They are gorgeous, heavy and feature amazing symbols. Chevron shields, hearts and such symbols are instantly heart-winning.

Skimpy Bands
If you, like the rest of us women, are in love with skinny rings, here is your chance to rake up a handful. They are cool and colorful, and at the same time affordable. Set with small gems of multiple or a single color, these rings make the best fit for the stacking style. Get yours set with a bunch of your birthstones or just wear it with some multicolored gem. These rings are evidently the best purchase for summer, but guess what, they look gorgeous and fashionable through the autumn and perhaps later, if you didn’t have to wear gloves.

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