Jewelry That Satiates All Styles

The subject of style is highly debatable, particularly when speaking subjectively. No two people can have exactly identical taste in fashion and that’s what makes style so much more interesting and dynamic. Moreover, your style doesn’t remain to be the same all through your life. The flashy, graphic T-shirts that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world in your teens may just give you the shudder in your 30s. But, jewelry is hardly as disposable as T-shirts and pajamas. So, what style to pick that you and your teenage daughter can both wear without looking ridiculous flashy or old Aunt Mariah. There are some styles in jewelry that have passed the test of time with flashing colors and have managed to interest and glamorize three generations of women with equal success. Here are some of those styles:

Round-Cut Three-Prong Diamond Solitaire Studs
This is one of the universally accepted pieces of jewelry that pretties up women in all their ages, which is also what makes it an ideal gift item for any woman in your life. The reason round-cut style is a universal fit is because round cut diamonds are here to stay. Their undisputable popularity has proven that part and you can rest assured that diamond solitaire studs are not going to go out of style ever, as long as people’s love for diamond lives.

Stackable Diamond Rings
The styles and designs of rings keep changing very rapidly. Some time back, infinity bands were high in fashion, but that was until eternity rings stepped foot on the arena. Three stone rings enjoyed sweeping popularity before halo rings and that’s how it has always been. But, stackable diamond rings are presumably immune to such shifts and swings. The beauty of stackable rings is that you can wear them individually as well as collectively. They are slender, delicate in designs and almost always have gemstones. The market may have but a few contenders to these rings.

Chain Bracelets with a Single Charm
Bracelet styles and designs keep changing with others in the ensemble. But there is one particular style that has stood bold in the face of all the changes. It is the single charm bracelet. They came up way back in the 90s and have stuck around thereafter. Though charm bracelets did take over the center stage for a while, these bracelets have not really recoiled to oblivion. They are light, simple and yet extremely delicate.

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