Why is Jewelry Customization Such a Trend

If you look closely, personalization has a root in human characteristics. Everybody likes their commodities personalized to their tastes and preferences, and that is not because it is a trend, it is because of what made it a trend in the first place. Even though the jewelry industry has been on a continuous roll to introduce awe-inspiring pieces to the market, the need for customization was inevitable to erupt.

Satisfaction don’t come easy with things that involve the minds, hands and motives of another. It is in our very nature to design and devise things for ourselves. That impulse comes into play when we look at the pieces on display and wish only if there was or wasn’t that one thing that would have made the design perfect in our eyes.
Speaking specifically, so what made jewelry customization such a fad?

The Drive towards Difference
Everyone wants to own a piece that is different from all others. Jewelry Customization is the first big leap the industries offered to launch towards achieving that. Why pick up a jewel from the shelf for the same money when you know you have the possibility and freedom to apply your imagination. The pieces that are put on display in galleries are a translation of someone’s vision. You might admire it, but that can never be at one with your imagination. The possibility of making a difference to the design is why primarily people opt for customization.

Individual Perspective of Beauty
Beauty is relative. Everyone has their own stance of what’s beautiful and what’s ugly, and to what degree. A piece that is advertised by a jewelry store as one of its signature collection might have a mass appeal, but that cannot persuade the entire human population into thinking that is the piece they want. There will always be some, in fact many who would have a different opinion about it. So, customization is the only solution left to designers to give buyers what they truly think is beautiful. It will use their concepts alone and so there will be little chance of departure from one’s singular taste.

The Pursuit of Perfection
No matter how refined a piece of jewelry is, there is always room for improvement. We think this because the pursuit of perfection is inherent in us. We can’t happen to ignore, nor deny it in us. So, why not add personal inputs to make the artefact perfect to the standard of the concerned buyer instead of selling them someone else’s idea of perfection?
These are the many reasons that are telling of why customization is such a popular add-on service in the jewelry industry. It only makes the customers feel that when it’s their money, it’s okay to be finicky.

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