Jewelry you can Wear at the Gym


Working out is not furtive or smooth feat. It usually involves a lot of sweating and tiring. Gym is no place where you can sport fancy ornaments, wear your hair in style or don your best dress. It is the place to go minimal. Collect your hair into a high ponytail, tuck the rest of your hair with a band, put on a two piece gym outfit, step into your running shoes and that’s it. If going accessory-neutral is not at all an option, tag your phone or iPod to your arm in a strap-on pouch. This is probably what most people under strenuous workout routines are told. While that is true, the designers might have something for you that will keep you from bidding goodbye to your style factor when going to the gym.

Check out the accessories that may accompany you without hesitation to a workout studio.
Top earrings
You might have to give up your favorite pair of danglers when heading to the gym, but you don’t have to surrender your auricular ornaments altogether. Diamond studs are just more than allowed when working out. They do not pose inconvenience to the lifting and pushing and whatnot. You can even wear them when going to bed without even knowing they are on. The diamond studs are light and do not look bold with sportswear.

Single-charm Bracelets
These bracelets can be kept on even when you are cooking. They are as good as non-existent to the wearer, and a perfect eye-catcher for the people around. Single charm bracelets are always light and they barely ever get in the way of doing anything that involves using your arms. They are available in both flexi-chain and bangle designs. Bangles can be stuck up to the thicker part of your arm while chains do not need any fixing.

Chain-Link Necklace with a Wee Pendant
These pendants are as light as it gets. Made of white gold or platinum, they are designed to ensure that they do not chafe, nor feel substantial against the delicate skin of the collar bone. Even lighter is the pendant that comes with these flimsy chains. Just wear one and you can do pretty much anything without having to adjust your ornament every now and then. Try not to pick a stone pendant there for it might then hang heavy from the chain.

With any or all of these, you can get into your workout clothes and still look classy.

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