Inspired by Royalty

Royalty often inspires us commoners to reach out for grander things in life. In a way similar to that, royal treasures catch our fascination. Well, turns out, it’s not just us the consumers that these dazzling jewels impress. For the makers of jewelry, they inspire them to recreate the beauty and magnificence in their own unique ways. If you have always found yourself pulled naturally towards royal jewelry, then here are some reproductions available in the market at far fairer rates to lay your hands on. Each of these styles are replicated from some royal inspirations, but not in its exactness. While the peculiarities of the original rings have been carefully preserved in these pieces, some new inputs have been added to elevate them to a different level of aesthetic genius.


The Three-Stone

Inspired by Royalty - The Three Stone
The three-stone style is a pretty popular one, particular in the engagement ring section where the ring stands for the never-ending love and lifelong commitment of married couples. If you have been curious about the origin of this design, this one was borrowed from a royal version. The design when it first came didn’t differ much from the original ring which it was inspired by, but the design has changed infinitely over the years. Jewelers have even gone to the point of clubbing together two different cuts of stones in the three-stone setting to create a different feel.


Sapphire Center

Inspired by Royalty - Sapphire Center
We all know what inspired the sapphire-center rings as we know it. It probably started when the spectacular royal heirloom was spotted in Princess Diana’s ring finger after her engagement. As soon as the jewelers had the resource to pursue a recreation, they went to create a close copy of the ring. Even if the first few attempts tanked among the buyers, the later rings instantly won hearts. Although, to be fair, as beautiful as the sapphire center stone rings created later were, they could never parallel the royal original.


Accented Solitaires

Inspired by Royalty - Accented Solitaires

Another style inspired by the treasures of the Queen of England is the accented solitaire. Set with a sizeable center stone, the ring uses a cluster of accent stones on the sides to create a tasteful sight. A ring as described was seen among the royal baubles in 1946 which, like most royal jewelry were imitated later. Today we have accented solitaires in ample variations in stores, just in case if you are interested.

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