Inspirations for Personalized Jewelry

Finding an inspiration that leaves you enthralled for days is hard to come by. That’s why we thought best not to keep you waiting when it is about personalizing jewelry.  Personalized jewelry makes a fine gift to your significant other, your mother, sister, grandmother and even a close friend. If you have plans to get someone customized jewelry for a gift, you better start going through ideas already. To help you in your assignment, we have brought to you some stunning ideas that can inspire your jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas that can make a personalized jewel special.


Engravings is what comes to mind when talking about personalizing a piece of jewelry. Adding an engraving to a piece of jewelry is a lovely way to add a personal touch. The engraving can be a message of your choosing, a sign or symbol that means something to the other person, a date of significance or just the initials of names. Take your pick and you have a perfectly personalized gift for a dear one. Engravings lasts through the life of a piece of jewelry and so there is no chance of the mark ever missing as long as the jewelry is in one piece.

Another way of personalizing jewelry is by curving initials in it, not in the way of engraving by designing. If it’s a pendant you have decided to buy for the gift, custom-design it with the initials of the receiver on it. Initial pendants are high in fashion this year, so it’s a good idea for a gift. However, it’s not just a pendant that this idea can be applied to. You can also custom design a pair of earrings or a bracelet with name initials. Taking it a bit further, such a design can use a generous sprinkling of gemstones to engrave the initials.

Zodiac Signs
Another great personalization trick is to use the zodiac symbol of the wearer. Zodiac jewelry has made a comeback this year, and in a pretty huge way at that. So, it would be apt to personalize a jewelry with a zodiac sign for gifting. Just find the sun or moon sign of the personal concerned, and get it curved in the metal of your choosing in an original or inspired design. That’s all it needs to personalize a piece of jewelry for gifting.

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