Inspirations for an Engagement Ring Upgrade

If you got engaged in the first decade of this millennium or some time before that, then chances are that by now, your engagement ring has started to look a bit out of fashion. It is owing to sentimental reasons that women are not readily open to the idea of exchanging their engagement rings. The good news is there is one way in which that can be avoided whilst bringing your ring up to fashion. Refashioning rings is a recourse that most ladies turn to when giving their engagement ring a little makeover to keep it fashionably up-to-date.

Here are some inspirations that will give you some ideas about engagement ring upgrades.

Inspirations for an Engagement Ring Upgrade

Colored Diamonds
The first thing that can give your good old engagement ring a little spin is some color. What better ways to upgrade an engagement ring than to replace the big diamond with some colored equivalents? This is the simplest kind of upgrade possible. It does not involve any complex tweaking or altering. Just get your jeweler to replace your ring’s central stone with a colored diamond of your choice. Colored gems are on the rise at this point, and putting on place of your older stone will be a transformative change to the ring.

Pave Band
Another great way to upgrade your engagement ring is to get the band paved with cluster diamonds. If your engagement ring band is a plain one with no details or design on it, here is your chance to zing it up a little. Ask your designer to go only half the way to keep the price in control. Pave setting is the easier way to inlay a plain jewelry surface with gems. Paved bands is an in-thing for many years now. If your ring band doesn’t have it, it’s a great addition to make to upgrade your ring.

Pear-Cut Diamond
Fancy cuts in diamonds are on the rise, and from the looks of it, cuts like pear, oval and radiant are going to stay on top for some years now. So, if you have a prong-setting ring, now is a good time to get your old stone replaced for a new fancy-cut stone. Choose pear-cut or radiant cut if you like vintage styles. Pear or oval-cut diamonds may even reduce the overall cost because of their carat advantage.

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