Ideas to Use Old Rings That Do Not Fit Anymore

Every personal collection has a ring or two that do not fit anymore, and if you are a ring person, then you must have a stack. So, what to do with these rings. If you have more than just a couple, you must have asked yourself this question before. The most obvious and logical response to it is to get them resized. That is arguably the best idea, but it is also an expensive idea. To size rings that your fingers have outgrown, you might have to remake them from scratch. That requires extra metal and making charge, which mean a substantial expense. What is the costless way of using these rings? Well, there is one or two ways in which these rings can be recovered from their beauty sleep and brought to use again. Let’s see what they are.

Ideas to Use Old Rings That Do Not Fit Anymore

Wear It with Your Necklace
A clever solution is to wear them in your necklace. Wearing old and too-small-to-fit-anymore rings as pendants has been in style for quite a long time. You may have seen that already. What may come across as new is a jangle of rings worn as pendants. However, good news is that this style is gradually on the rise. More and more women are coming to find it a great way to still use rings they own and no longer wear. If you have too many of them, then make a combination with a few and wear them in turns. Undersized rings can also be worn in a leather cord if you do not have a chain to weave them in. If your chain already has a pendant, wear them next to your ear on either or both sides of it. That looks way cooler than any other style which you can wear them in.

Make Them Knuckle Rings
The second best way to reuse your old rings is to wear them in the knuckles. Knuckle rings are high in fashion these days and if you haven’t bought any yet, try looking in your jewelry box for old undersized rings. Just slid them in and let them stop where they may, as long as it is above the second knuckle of your finger. You can wear more than one knuckle ring in one hand, which means there is plenty of room for your rings to find a place in your hand.

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