How Long Should Ideally a Necklace Be?

A lot about necklaces in the past bring the attention to the styles while others touch down upon the designs. But what most articles easily ignore is the length. How long should a necklace ideally be, and how can you determine the perfect necklace length for you? That depends on a bunch of things, and today, we will discuss those in details.


How Long Should Ideally a Necklace Be?
Valentin Magro Oval, Round and Triangle Chain Necklace


Long and Short Necklaces
As far as length is concerned, necklaces are broadly of two kinds, short and long. Their lengths range from 10 to 48’ depending on the style and design of the chain. Short necklaces are those that are between 10 and 22 inches long, reaching anywhere between the collarbones to the chest. Secondly, short necklaces work best to showcase compact pendants designed with small diamonds. Additionally, they come in varying breaths, some thin others rope thick, and most between both.

Long necklaces are those over 20 inches in length. They can hang as low as 28 inches and the one worn in loops give them a feel of thickness. However, they do not go very well with pendants. That’s why ladies like to wear them short by folding. This adds more volume and cancels out the need to wear a pendant with long necklaces. In conclusion, a long necklace puts to the freedom of imagination in the hands of the wearer. Get creative and experiment with styles to find what works best for you.


Length Based on Height
The length of your necklace can be best determined by your height. Extra long necklaces are best suitable for women who are tall above 5’6”. Long chain makes tall women appear taller and their form slender. However, a long necklace can make a shorter woman appear shorter. That’s why women below the age of 5’4” normally avoid wearing too long necklaces. Alternately, for a tall woman, a short necklace is hardly the right pick. Short necklaces are simply lost in tall frames and are therefore best suited for those having a short height.

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