How about buying loose diamonds?

Diamonds are loved, especially if they’re being set in engagement rings, wedding rings or anniversary rings.
Loose diamonds are often used by people who prefer customized jewelry. Most jewelers these days have ring fitters, providing customers the freedom of choosing loose diamonds as per their taste. The biggest advantage with loose diamonds is that they are more affordable than regular diamond rings.

Though loose diamonds are less expensive, it is important to check for the carat, color, cut and clarity to determine the quality and elegance of the diamonds. You can also choose from a number of shapes such as emerald cut diamonds, oval shape diamonds, heart shape diamonds, pear cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds to name a few.

When buying a diamond online, make sure you check for all the policies well in advance to ensure the diamonds you get are worth the price spent. If you prefer to purchase loose diamonds, Gemological Institute of America certified loose diamonds are ideal. With certification, you will be sure of the quality.

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