A Guide to Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Her

The key to a woman’s heart is an object of pure delight. A beautiful piece of jewelry fits that definition alright. So, if you are thinking jewelry, you are already on the right track. But, since you are reading this article, you are not quite there yet. That isn’t a solitary instance, because shopping for jewelry is not the same as picking something else. It takes a lot of time, patience and knowledge of what you are actually seeking. So, here is a little guide to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your wife, fiancé or someone in the family.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Her

What She Likes
If you already have some understanding of her taste in jewelry, then you’d know it already. But, if you don’t, there are ways of finding out without dropping her cues. Head straight to her box of treasures, if you have access. Find out what kind of pieces she keeps, and the ones she collects most are in all probability, her favorite. Also, if you have a specific type of ornament in mind that you want to give her, say, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, see what makes her collection. Is it the dangly earrings or studs she wears most, or is she more into hoops? In bracelets, is she a charms person, or does she prefer bangles? Ropes and meshes are other varieties.

The Metal of Her Choice
Knowing her preference in metals is extremely important for two reasons. First, there are some metals that cause skin allergies. If she has metal allergies then you need to avoid everything that triggers it. Second, some women like the silver tone better than gold. So, you don’t want to get her an ornament that’s not to her liking. A heads-up, platinum is hypo-allergenic and is pretty low-maintenance.

A stone Maybe?
If you are going to include stones into the piece, then you might as well pick one that’s her birthstone. Rounding it off, its garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, colorless diamond, emerald, white pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, citrine and blue topaz for the respective months, starting with January.

What’s Her Style?
Take the clues from her assets does she like the modern designs or is she more into the vintage work. Modern jewelry have clean, smooth designs whereas vintage-inspired baubles feature complications like filigree, details, stones, etc.

All noted down, you are set to go out shopping.

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