A Guide to Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are a popular choice of gems for engagement rings nowadays. While other fancy cuts are rising quickly to popularity, cushion cut remains to be one of the most elegant cuts for diamonds. The pillow shaped cut as it is also known as is perceived as a symbol of never-ending love in the jewelry industry. That underscores its popularity particularly in the engagement ring genre.

A Guide to Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

If you are looking to buy a cushion-cut diamond, then take a minute to read through some vital points laid out for you under the headers below:

A Guide to Buying Cushion Cut Diamonds

Recommended Clarity
To understand the nuances of a particular diamond cut, you must start by learning more about its 4Cs. Clarity in diamond by definition is the transparency of the stone or in other words, the absence of flaws. When it comes to cushion cut diamonds, a helpful suggestion would be to go for the SI category or better. For those of you who are not fully informed about diamond clarity, SI stands for Slightly Included. Anything from the SI grade or above is good, depending, of course, on your budget.

Color Range
In diamonds, the colors range from D to Z. D is the flawless, colorless category and Z is the most colored. However, to clarify a common question, do not expect to see fancy colored diamonds under the Z category. Stones sorts as Z mostly bear light yellow, gray or brownish tinges, none of which can be passed as a shade of colored diamonds. For cushion cut, H is a good category to look into. H has nearly no color, not to the naked eye at least. One thing to know here is that cushion cut shows off more color than many other cuts. So, you want to pick something that is more on the colorless side than otherwise.

Cut Grade
Ideally, a cushion-cut stone has anywhere between 58 and 64 facets. What you want to get for a cushion-cut stone is a high grade cut. The higher the cut grade is, the better it sparkles. So, as long as your pocket permits you, get something from the top cut grades to procedure a diamond that shines bright.
If you haven’t decided on the ring you want to put the stone on, prefer something vintage for full effect.

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