Guide to Buying a Diamond Anniversary Band


The special days of our lives should be commemorated in the most special manner. So when it comes to celebrating a milestone anniversary, the moment should be sealed with the most precious gift. There is nothing like renewing your commitment to one another on that day and re-living the moment in all its initial glory and excitement. Diamond anniversary bands are perhaps the most ideal gift option one can think of to surprise her on this day. A band is not only a symbolic significance of the bond you share, but it is also an everlasting symbol of love and commitment to each other. So whether it is your 5th anniversary or your 11th, a diamond anniversary band is an excellent choice.

Some popular choices under diamond bands are the pave-set and the eternity ring. The style of these rings symbolizes the unending nature of love and comes profound in special meanings. Listed below are some basic factors and guidelines you need to follow before buying a diamond anniversary band:

  • Ring Style: You need to first decide whether the diamond anniversary band needs to be similar in style to the wedding and engagement ring or not. The advantage of going for a similar style is that the band can be worn together on the same finger. If her wedding band was a simple one, you can consider going for a heavily embellished diamond anniversary band or vice versa. You can even think of adding the same number of diamonds as the years you have been married. There are thousands of options for you to choose from and all you need to remember is that it should well complement the look of her existing rings.
  • Metal and Setting: Another way to complement your anniversary band with her existing wedding band and engagement ring is by going for a mixed metal look. In other words, if her wedding band is a white gold eternity band, you can opt for an eternity band in rose or yellow gold. If it is meant for some other finger, you will obviously have your choice widened. Some of the most popular setting options under diamond anniversary bands are prong, channel and even shared prong. If her existing ring bears a channel setting, you can look for a diamond band of channel setting.
  • Diamond Quality: Your budget will decide how much you can go up in terms of diamond quality. It is a known fact that the smaller the carat size, the less clarity. There is nothing like being able to afford diamonds of higher grades. Diamonds for anniversary bands are not limited to just the round cut, you can surely opt for the other cuts like princess, marquise, cushion, oval, radiant, emerald etc. There are innumerable ways to give the band a unique touch.
  • Engraving options: A way to make your diamond band truly unique is to opt for an engravable anniversary band. You can engrave a personal message of your choice in the anniversary band, a message which will always remain uniquely hers. Of course, there will be character limits, but sometimes even a single word can speak volumes.

Above mentioned are some basic guidelines to buying diamond anniversary bands which will perhaps give you a direction to think. However, since it is a matter of the heart, trust your instinct and follow your heart when choosing the perfect anniversary band for your love.

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