A Guide to Diamond Accents


If you have already been a part of a diamond jewelry buying expedition, you must have surely come across the phrase ‘diamond accents’. It is a term that is commonly used by the salesman, jewelers or designers whilst explaining the nitty-gritty of the diamond jewelry. Diamond accents are basically small, visible diamonds that augment the look of not only the main stone, but also increase the overall brilliance of the jewelry. They are mainly used around the main stone of a jewelry as side stones and are widely popular due to their affordability. Typically seen in engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, wrist watches, pendants, gemstone rings, bracelets, earrings, etc diamond accents are all about adding a little extra sparkle.

What to look for in Diamond Accents:
Diamond accents come in shapes like straight baguettes, trillions, tapered baguettes, round. Though they together enrich the overall look of the jewelry, individually they are exceptionally small and less prominent. Their cut does not have the same number of facets as the normal stones. A big round stone has around 58 facets, whereas diamond accents of round cut will have around 16 to 18 facets. The former is referred to as full cut, whereas the latter is known as the single cut.
The number of diamond accents used in a piece of jewelry varies as they may range from few to many. Even their size varies from one design type to another. They have a small carat weight that ranges from a couple of points to around .25ct. Ideally, they should not be very big, as that will overpower the main/center stone. A one carat center full cut stone can be accompanied by two .24 carat accent stones. It should be remembered that too many accent stones will also spoil the look. They should be just enough to add a subtle charm and bling to the jewelry.
Accent diamonds normally have low clarity and color grade. They usually come in grade of SI (Slightly Included) or I (Included) and in a color scale of G-H. They do have inclusions, but since diamond accents are small, they can be hardly seen with the naked eye. As far as the color is concerned, they should just be good enough to make the jewelry as a whole look great. The color and clarity of diamond accents should come close to matching the quality of the main stone or stones. In other words, they should not give an unbalanced look to the jewelry. Make sure your jeweler speaks about the quality of the diamond accent as that is a topic widely avoided. In addition, if the diamond accents are big, ensure that they are of visibly good clarity and color.
Though diamond accents are normally used around a bigger stone, they also appear in a series of uniform sizes in wedding bands for women. Such types of wedding bands are classified as pave diamond or eternity wedding band. The versatility and affordability of diamond accents make it an ideal option for use in jewelry. They are a beautiful way to make jewelry sparkle a little brighter.

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