Grammys’ Best Jewels in 2018

Like every year, the Grammys this year was a huge event. Musicians from all over the world came pouring in to witness the celebration of music and be a part of it. A thick crowd of famous performers came in looking their best in haute couture outfits and luxury accessories. The Grammys’ was no less a fashion parade this year than the Oscars. Like all red carpet events, the Grammys’ saw some diamond outrage, some of which got captured in the cameras as stars took their turn posing for the media. In case this has stoked your curiosity, here are what we think were the best this year at the Grammys.


Beyoncé’s Geometric Diamonds

Grammys’ Best Jewels in 2018

 Beyonce attended the evening in a velvet black dress coupled with a lopsided hat designed by Nicolas Jebron. However, her highlights were not her shades, nor her perfect hairdo or her expensive outfit. Beyonce wowed the crowd with something else, her $6.8 million jewelry from the house of Lorraine Schwartz. The greatest highlight among her accessories was her oversized geometric earrings that carried a total of 70 carat diamonds. The earrings made from titanium carried a 35 carat pear-cut diamond at the center in each pair. Add to that her cubical ring which she embellished on her left finger. On her pinkie finger, she wore another large statement diamond ring.



Grammys’ Best Jewels in 2018
If Beyonce’s diamond jewelry left you speechless, Kesha is not far behind. The singer attended the Grammys’ wearing a set of colored gem jewelry that worked perfectly with her navy blue vintage suit. Among her baubles was a giant emerald ring which she brandished on her pinkie finger. The ring carried a 50 carat emerald and was estimated to be worth $250, 000. Designed by Narcisa Pheres, the ring was the crown jewel of the entire set. That aside, she also wore a pair of gold and ruby earrings and diamond rings by other designers.


Lady Gaga

Grammys’ Best Jewels in 2018 Posted on February 5, 2018
Like some, Lady Gaga walked the extra mile to show her support for the protest of women’s sexual harassment. The singer was seen walking the red carpet wearing a pair of black diamond earrings that matched perfectly with her black and beige gown. The earrings had some 18 carats of diamond. In addition to that, she also sported a pink diamond ring on her ring finger which suspiciously looked like an engagement ring.

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