Gold Wedding Bands – A Traditional and Popular Choice for Wedding Couples


The wedding ceremony is one of the most auspicious occasions that’s incomplete without the sacred vows and a beautiful wedding ring. Although with time, the market has been introduced to a wide variety of band metals and styles, gold wedding bands have successfully stood the test of time, still continuing to be one of the popular choices for weddings.

Being a soft metal, gold is usually alloyed with other metals to gain strength and durability.Gold rings, depending on their composition, can be widely sub-divided into rings of 10 to 24 karats. While 24K gold is the purest form of gold, and thus the most expensive one, rings made from pure gold are not always the most long lasting ones owing to the softness in pure gold. Hence, gold combined with other metals are usually stronger and capable of withstanding the rigors of everyday use.

Gold wedding rings, which are traditionally believed to symbolize the unity of two lives and two hearts, are as diverse as the couples who wear them. To make a smart purchase, it is certainly important for you to be aware of the options you have. So here’s a list of colors gold wedding bands usually come in:

  • Yellow Gold: The most classic and fashionable choice in gold rings, yellow gold can please almost any aesthetic taste with its remarkable beauty, sophistication and simplicity. While for some time it lost its favor and popularity to white gold, yellow gold is once again on the way to regain its fame.
  • White Gold: A more contemporary option compared to yellow gold, white gold never fails to allure would-be-grooms and brides, thanks to its striking elegance, modernism, simplicity and sleekness all at the same time. Owing to be combined with a hard element called rhodium, white gold has the capacity to resist scratches and tarnishing, while having a reflective look.
  • Rose Gold:Timeless and romantic, rose gold with all its elegance and warmth can flatter any skin tone. It is lovely and magnificent on its own terms, making for a very feminine and sophisticated look.
  • Green Gold: One of the most uncommon and striking forms of gold, green gold is nature-inspired, its soft, pale green color created by alloying yellow gold with copper, silver and zinc. Green gold with white and rose gold, can create stunning wedding bands flaunting an exclusive tri-color look.

Gold wedding bands are forever. However, take informed steps towards investing in the one that best befits your taste and budget.

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