Give Her Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year, when people are seen gearing up to celebrate love. While chocolates, flowers, gifts, dinner date are some of the most common medium to show your love to your loved one, proposing marriage on this day is also a very romantic thought. So if you are already thinking when to pop the “Will you marry me?” to her, there can be no better day to give her the surprise of her life. Valentine’s day is a true epitome of love and when it comes to taking your love to the next level, the day will only strengthen the bond. Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, get into the spirit and give your heart to her in the form of a heart shaped engagement ring.

There is something extra special about heart engagement rings. It is an unparalleled symbol of love where the very shape expresses volumes of emotions. It is the perfect way to incorporate the symbolism of Valentine’s Day and pure romanticism. They pose as a gateway to a fairy tale wedding and romance and a sentiment that will last forever. It is a unique way to propose and to make her Valentine’s Day the most memorable one.

Heart shaped diamonds, that are less than .50 carats is not a good option. This is because in a smaller diamond, the shape cannot be clearly distinguished. Symmetry is a very important feature in a heart shaped diamond, since it is crucial for the two halves of the heart to be perfectly identical. The cleft should as well be distinct and sharp, so that the shape can be clearly understood. The face profile of heart shaped diamonds ranges from narrow to fat. The classic heart shaped diamond ideally has a length to width ratio of approximately 1.00. Heart shaped engagement rings can be availed in varying ranges of colors and in different settings. The choice is entirely yours.

The market is flooded with heart shaped loose diamonds. Many are in favor of buying a loose heart shaped diamond and have it set later. If done with the right approach it can be a great way to save a few bucks. While the prong setting is the most preferred and elegant way to set a heart shaped diamond, the halo setting gives a more enhanced look to the heart shape. The choices are varied and its entirely on you to decide what you want to give her. Get a heart shape engagement ring that will speak of your love and commitment to your partner in the most exquisite way.

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