Girls Love Diamonds- Here Is Why


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – This must be one of the first few things you learn about girls. Obviously there is a bunch of incredible other things to learn about them, some very unique things about people in particular, but you cannot really ignore this one. So, if you have ever stopped to wonder why this adage makes a tagline so often to jewelry adverts and makes a casual mention in a discussion about the oh-so-elusive women, here are some pointers. There are some reasons why diamonds are loved, and some very specific for women loving them. Know what’s the madness about.

The Sparkle: When you think of diamonds, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? The sparkle of course. This stone has earned it’s apical position by the foremost its virtue of reflection and refraction. Girls happen to have a hang-over on glittery things and diamonds are just shimmer objectified.

The Symbol: It’s certainly not over-reading if you are told of the symbolic potency of a diamond ornament. There is a reason why this stone makes the most obvious choice in engagement and wedding jewelry. Girls love the romantic quotient of diamonds.

The Prestige: Diamond ornaments admittedly has a particular class. Sporting a diamond solitaire is seen a mark of opulence, taste and is often associated with power. Who doesn’t like to be seen as the one to look up to? Hence, diamonds.

The Exclusivity: Diamonds are expensive because they are rarer than other gemstones. So, while a woman feels empowered in a way to be sporting a piece of diamond jewelry in public, she also feels rare in some ways. Diamonds are special and it makes the wearers feel some of that too.

The Fashion Race
Diamond jewelry are tagged with high-end upscale fashion. It is expensive and that is why it is used to accessorize only the haute couture fashion alone. If you are ahead in fashion, you would know the importance of owing a collection of diamond crusted accessories in your wardrobe.

The Clamor for the Finest
Everybody likes to have the best and diamonds are the best. It is the queen of all gemstones, the finest one may own in the jewelry line. That explains why the ladies have a morbid hankering for anything diamond in them and why not! After all why spend your money on something that is far from the best when you can afford it.

If you think it through, there might be other reasons at the back of your head too. However, these make the more obvious entries in the probe.

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