Floral Designer Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Flower Power

Are you one of those couples who badly want to stay away from the traditional wedding trope of all things cliché and predictable? Well, stunning and exceptional designer engagement rings should be your choice. Most engagement rings by reputable designers frequently prefer to play with the concept, remain inspired from classic traditions, and ultimately create a ring that eulogizes the finest traditions while portraying an entirely novel silhouette.
In the world of shifting styles and trends, only the classics sustain their popularity and always make a spectacular comeback in their refined avatars. Floral designer engagement rings certainly belong to that haloed rank of ‘classic’. Considerably unique in their figural design, a floral engagement ring is ideal for its sheer diversity and fabulous versatility. Whether you want a solitaire floral ring or a simple flower-patterned one sans a huge center stone, rest assured about finding the flawless choice when you are dabbling in the world of designer engagement rings.

What is stereotypical and humdrum?
Boring and formulaic – these are certainly not the two adjectives you would like to associate when it comes to floral designer engagement rings. The beauty of a floral engagement ring lies essentially in the type of flower design used in it.
The basic daisy is definitely the easiest, and conventional, bloom for incorporating in the design with a central bud getting surrounded by symmetrical evenly spaced petals. Nevertheless, fascinating variations of this simple design are conjured with diverse colors, sizes, and contours of translucent or colored diamond or precious gemstones like emerald, rubies, and sapphires.
You may choose something other than the daisy. Think a stylized and sleek poinsettia with pointed, short petals or single luminous diamond in the fashion of a dazzling tulip. Exquisite diamond or ruby roses fused and nestled together on the metal band will make an antique-inspired yet extraordinary engagement ring.
If exotic is your preference, a jasmine makes an idyllic alternative. This ring employs the startling spark of diamonds to suggest the lure and grace of the floral rhythms, bringing out an innate sensuality and gentleness.

Price Tag
Compared to an astounding piece of solitaire, floral engagement rings usually tend to cost a little less expensive. However, this rule is subject to change if you are opting for some massive carats or going the exclusive ‘price on request’ way. When its designer, the more esteemed the designer with more elaborate designs, the higher the price tag.

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