The Most Extraordinary Vintage Jewels to Ever Exist in History

Vintage jewelry are rarer than signature and high-fashion jewels for two reasons. First, in all probability, there are no two pieces of the same jewelry when it’s an antique one, and second, vintage jewelry are a part of the history which makes them twice more valuable. Though almost all heritage jewels that have run in clans through generations are unparalleled in their aesthetics, there are some that have risen over others to make a claim for the “most extraordinary” title in time. Here are some antique jewelry that have made history and are, to this day, undisputed in their beauty and finesse.

The Most Extraordinary Vintage Jewels to Ever Exist in History

The Blue Belle Neckpiece of Asia
Which of the entrants deserve to appear on top of the list than this spectacular piece of work, famed all over the world as the Blue Belle of Asia. There is a reason why it is so named. This starburst neckpiece that is woven with five lines of diamonds has a massive blue diamond mounted at the center. Diamond fronds hang from under the center stone giving it a touch of shimmer that bounces off the large table of the blue stone. History has it that the blue diamond was first discovered in the year 1928, but it took 9 years for it to be assembled into this stunner of a necklace.


The 1912 Diamond Brooch from Cartier
There are brooches, round and square and all shapes in geometry, and then there is this 1912 Cartier brooch. A quintessential specimen of Cartier’s timeless designs, this diamond encrusted brooch looks nothing like the brooches of its time. At the heart of the brooch is a large 34.08 carat pear-cut diamond, a 23.55 Carat oval cut diamond and a small Marquise shaped diamond that is about 6.51 carat large. The last time the masterpiece was sold it cost $20 million.


The Cartier Jadeite Necklace
Jadeite are rare gems, and when woven into a fascinating piece of jewelry that survived the ancient Chinese dynasties, they become priceless. This 27 beads Jadeite neckpiece is woven with gems graduating in sizes starting at 15 to over 19mm. Word has it that the beads were from the time of the Qing Dynasty of China. The neckpiece was created in 18K gold by none other than Cartier and gifted by a Georgian prince by the name of Alexis Mdviani to Barbara Hutton.

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