Engagement Ring Trends That You Must Watch Out For

These days, couples like to talk and plan about things like engagement instead of bringing it on like a huge surprise. For what it’s worth, getting engaged is a pretty big decision, definitely something that you want to have a talk about before it really happens. So, if 2017 is the year you are planning to get engaged with the man in your life, then here is a little cue for the bride-to-be. The engagement ring trend is all set half way through the year. Here is what’s yay this year in the bridal section.


Vintage Halos
Halo settings is one of the most popular styles in the engagement ring category since the past two years. It’s not very difficult to see why halo rings rose to prominence so easily and are still basking in it. The sparkle of the gems, the massive center stone, the sparkle lining, the unique design, everything comes together to put this style in the first place. Halo is essentially a vintage concept. So, all halo rings that are made in this era are technically all vintage-inspired pieces. The more contemporary designs include features split shanks, twisted halos and conceptual frames.

Vintage halo engagement rings

Colored Accents
Opposing colors are working great together in modern jewelry designs. The concept has now been introduced into rings after pedants and earrings. One of the most coveted entries of this year, colored accent rings are a great way of adding a hint of difference to your collection. As safe baits, think agreeable colors like emerald with diamond rather than citrine with amethyst and the likes.

Engagement rings with colored accents

Stackable rings were a trademark of boho fashion, but that was up until this year. Stacked rings this year have been graciously accepted in mainstream fashion. So, for a bride with the free spirit of a bohemia. What could be more ideal than a stacked engagement ring?

Stackable rings

Opals have a dreamy quality about them, and even though diamonds still rule, opals shine as a dreamy alternative to the queen of gems. The incredible play of colors that opals bring to the table is next to none. Opal engagement rings are mystical, to say the least. They are beautiful, exotic and gorgeous, even if not exactly flashy.

Opal engagement rings

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