Earrings in Fashion This Year

Though some jewelry pieces are timeless, others keep fading and returning with time. 2017 is another year in the fashion calendar which is likely to see a lot of shuffling around in its merchandise. Talking specifically of earrings, this year is going to be momentous for jewelry designers with a special mastery in earpieces. We already have in the ramps, some very fine auricle jewelry which is likely to inspire the jewelers around the world and cleave into a trend through rest of the seasons. Let’s have a look at some of the styles of earrings that are going to be up trèsen vogue this year.

Earrings in Fashion This Year

Single Earrings: Single earrings have come out as one of the coolest thing in fashion this year. Though single earrings are not a new thing in fashion, they have only been limited to the men’s section. This year, they are prettier and definitely a women’s thing. With big jewelry already being in trend, the designers have brought to the table loads of big and bold single earrings this year. So, with one of those, you don’t need two.

Ear Cuffs: If you are bored of wearing the same style of earring all the time, then it’s time for a difference. Hop into the fashion wagon this year to find some really interesting jewelry for your ears. Ear cuffs of both ornate and chic varieties are out in the market already. The key difference between a regular earring and ear cuffs is that the latter decorate the upper and larger part of the ear, often covering all of it with a little to spare for dangling. Ear cuffs of different styles are now out for sell at the stores. There are those that attach around the larger part of the ears and those that simply hang from behind the ears.

Artsy Earrings: Regular earrings this year will take a sharp turn from what’s known to be the convention so far. Insofar, very artsy designs have been noticed to dominate the collection in ramps and high streets. So, if you are planning to buy yourself a nice pair of earrings which are not single pieces, nor ear cuffs, then check out this range. There are plenty of interesting designs some of which not only have no precedent, but are also inspiring to look at.

So, as we go down the fashion road this year, pick some extraordinary pieces to add to your collection on the way.

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