The Don’ts of Buying Diamonds

You may have heard tons of advice on buying diamonds, but bets are, little have they prepared you for the pitfalls that this little adventure is fraught with. Yes, buying diamonds is an adventure of sorts and like all adventures, it has a little excitement, lots of promises and a little risk. Without boring you further, since you have heard all about the things you must and should do when buying diamonds, you must now lend your ears to the things you mustn’t. We figured knowing the don’ts can make the job a lot easier than meticulously sifting through the dos. So, here is what you shouldn’t do when buying diamonds, loose or in ornaments.


Floral Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Advertisements are Not All They Seem
Advertisements are tailored to develop your perception of a company or commodity. Don’t take them too seriously, for most of it is work of exaggeration. Detergents can fade stains is alright, but only a fool would believe that it would make your shirt whiter than it originally was. If it does so, then it’s not doing the fabric a huge favor. Similar gimmicks are involved in advertisement of jewelry companies. Do not believe all you see in the commercials for most of it is dramatized and overblown.


The First Time Shouldn’t Be the Only Time
Visit the store and take your time to check out the collection. Don’t go into buying the piece already. The first time should always be for browsing. Buy in the second and third times. If you decide to pick something at the first time itself, you may end up missing the opportunity to peruse the collections of other stores. You need to be able to look at all your options before deciding on one. If you don’t give it enough time, then you are not being diligent in your research.


Believe in Certification
Do not purchase a gem that you or the seller cannot verify. It’s best to go for loose diamonds and then custom-make an ornament than picking a piece from a store. GIA certification is the most trusted and globally valid authentication of gemstones. Anything else may not make the best buy.


Don’t Trust the Eyes
When buying diamonds, trust your eyes less. If the salesperson tells you that a certain stone has no inclusion, then don’t think that scrutinizing under bright light is the litmus test. Ask for a magnifier and you will see a whole new ball game.

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