Diamond Ornaments Every Woman Should Have in Her Vault

Diamonds are precious and that explains why there is at least one diamond entry in every woman’s bucket list. But outside of her wish list, there are some diamond jewelry that a woman should have in her vault. To the relief of most, not all diamond jewelry cost a leg and an arm. That said, the diamond ornaments that every treasure chest must have are reasonably priced and are kind to pockets. So, if you were planning to buy something with a little diamond in it, then start with these pretty pieces, in their order of appearance and build your treasures with every opportunity.


Sparkling Studs
Nothing brightens up a woman’s face better than a pair of sparkling diamond studs. They are petite, yet catchy, delicate, yet gorgeous, fancy, yet affordable. Made in different setting styles, diamond studs mostly come in identical sizes. They are never too large, but not too minute, just the perfect size for a woman’s ears. The reason why you should spend on a pair of diamond studs when that money can go into raising funds for an elaborate earpiece is because they go with everything. A cocktail dress, a pant suit, a cardigan, a sweatshirt, just name it. A pair of diamond studs just can’t go wrong.


Pretty Pendants
Pendants are more like collectibles. The more you see, the more you want. Some like to collect pendants of different gemstones, while others obsess on designs. For both the predilections, a diamond pendant makes a fitting choice. Achromatic diamond pendants make a fancy wear with anything and everything. A wide neck dress or a boat neck blouse, there is always an excuse to show off a nice diamond dangler rested on your chest. Diamonds in cases of yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver look stunning.


Twinkling Rings
Diamond rings are almost always taken for engagement rings. So, avoid the fourth finger, and you are good to go. Stackable rings are more fashionable than solitaires at this point. Should you intend to collect more than just one of these strings of diamond, then pick from the stackable section for a mix and match.


Ballerina Bangles
Ballerina bangles come with a ballerina charm which is as cute as a button and classy as you. They are mostly crafted in sterling silver or platinum, but you can get one made in yellow gold to go with a plain platinum bracelet.

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