Diamond Jewelry Trends This Year: What’s In and What’s Out


The spring/summer trend of diamond jewelry this year appears to be a lot more variegated than ever. It assembles everything from kitsch to classy and whatever that comes in between. However, it is more of a generalized overview of the trending. Making it more interesting, there are some jewelry that has come up and out and from the looks of it, they make the trend this year. While some might reveal your softer side, others might not be your style. And then there are some that are outright bold and you might think the only time you’ll wear them is on a dare. But honestly, it is the year of bold and bright.

Minimalism with an Edge
Over the last few years designers have gingerly grazed the margin of minimalistic embellishments what with the crowd demanding it. However, this year, too plain is just boring. Minimalism is still in, but this time, with a slight edge to it. Let’s say beer is good, but with some lemon zest, it’s even better. So, the jewelers this year bring to the show some spectacular line of pieces that particularly make use of a lot of white and black diamonds. Onyx is another choice of gemstone this year. A certain range that received worldwide attention is the one that is designed inspired by the changing seasons of a woman’s life. Use of soft tones, delicate designs, rose-cut stones, etc. prevail this collection.

Statement Necklaces
These pieces have been around since last year and have made quite a few appearances at the Oscars in February. Chokers is one of them that has been turning into ladies’ favorites with each passing year. The beauty of these pieces is that they can be worn with almost anything. Thrown on a knit top or a lightweight denim, or even a two piece, the necklaces just fall in place.

That’s right, big is back. When it comes to oversized ornaments, hoops come quick to mind. But there is a whole ensemble of it for you this year. Designers have raked ideas from retro fashion coupling them with their new age and very novel ideas to forge out an entire range. They were seen at the Oscars too this year. It might not after all be very wrong to say that celebs are voluntarily endorsing the fashion for plus size jewelry. They have high compatibility with dresses of most kinds.

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