Diamond Jewelry Trends: Predictions for 2016

Be it a formal event or a casual meet, a diamond is sure to add the right bit of oomph to your outfit. Be it an heirloom brooch for your elegant gown, a stacked ring for a stylish cocktail dress or a sleek pair of earrings to go with your trendy jeans and chic top, diamonds are ideal for any occasion.

With every season, the newest trends in diamond jewelry are coming to the forefront. Whether you are planning a gift for someone special or wish to pamper yourself with a precious piece, it is a good idea to find one that is just perfect.

Before you decide the right piece of diamond jewelry, here are the trends to get inspired by.

Antique aspirations: Floral emblem reminiscent of Victorian romance or intricate scrollwork of art deco impression – vintage inspired designs are a big thing this season. When you wish for your diamond jewelry to make a statement, an antique design is what you need.

Colored charisma: Completely colorless diamonds are quite rare and remain a classic. But if you want to reflect the quirk in your personality, opt for colored diamonds – a yellow diamond ring or a bracelet of pink diamonds is sure to be a stunner.


Nature’s signature: Luscious blossoms, intertwined vines, magical moons, and many such designs have made a comeback in diamond jewelry. If you are inspired by the beauty of nature and are a romantic at heart, this should be the best choice for you.

Metal magic: With the focus on experimentation, the latest trend to become popular is the use of a combination of metals to create the setting for the diamonds. Blend in charming white, pretty yellow, lovely rose gold or classy platinum to create an amazing piece.


Personalized piece: When you have a piece of diamond jewelry crafted just for you, it becomes a prized possession. Be it a diamond engagement ring engraved with a special message or a necklace customized with your favorite colored diamonds, it would be ideal.


Don’t follow the trends blindly; get inspired by them to create something of your own.  It isn’t necessary that you get diamond jewelry that the market states as trendy. Instead, customize and create a piece that reflects who you are. Start with an idea and develop it to make sure that it is the trend you create for yourself. A competent designer would be able to transform your idea into a real piece of diamond jewelry.

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