Diamond Jewelry Every Woman Must Own Before 30

The prospect of accumulating wealth for women is a smidge different from that of men. While investments in equities and assets are not irrelevant for women, their part of the plan involves something which is often not sighted in men’s. Jewelry makes a vital part of women’s investments, and no matter what you call it, it’s still investment, if you are picking the right pieces. So, here are some jewelry pieces that every earning woman must own by hitting the age of 30.

30 is considered a marker here because these items are the lightest of investments in jewelry and are best kept at the start of the career. So, here are 4 sparkler pieces you must make sure to own before your cross over to the thirties.


Gold celestial chain necklaceDiamond Studs

These are day and night wears that are a great match for any style. So, for all the basic jewelry you must save for in the early years of your job, this should be one. Cluster or solitaire, pick whatever you can afford, and pair it up with racy dresses to decent formal wears. These pairs will never fail to brighten your face up instantly, makeup or no makeup on. Diamond studs are available in all brilliant cuts, but round-cut diamond on prong settings make the best number.


An Iconic Wristlet

Every woman deserves to own as many charm bracelets as possible, and to make sure of that, you need to start early. Charm bracelets look great on women of all ages, particularly on those between 20s and 40s. An iconic bracelet is one that uses a particular icon for its design. Treble clefs, clover leaves, stars, hearts, and clubs are some of the common icons that are used in wristlets. Name your sign and get it made into a nice and lovely wristlet for your everyday wear.


A Personalized Ring for the Pinky

If you are a patron of accessories, then a pinky ring is what you should start your collection with. Pinky rings are cute as buttons, they can be worn for life and come for no extraordinary prices. Get yours personalized for a nice touch.


A Long Chain

A long chain may cost you a good deal of money, considering the metal in which you want it in, but is a worthwhile investment. Buy it in gold, platinum or just sterling silver and it will be a fashion asset for life.

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