Diamond Domination in Spring Collection

Spring fashion is one of the year’s most looked up events in the industry. In the world of jewelry, its spring jewelry. This year, the spring collection has already been unveiled, as many distinguished jewelers brought to us their magnum opuses through exhibitions worldwide. A sweeping glance through all their collection will tell you two things, first, the pieces this year definitely topped last year’s collection, something that we didn’t think possible, and that diamonds reign the ranges. So, without further ado, the verdict is, diamonds are going to continue their dominance on spring jewelry this year, possibly on subsequent ranges too.


White Diamonds All Over
Diamonds in all shapes and sizes made appearances in the wares of the designers in their exhibitions. Translucent diamonds were the key variety that brought the jewelry to life. Some jewelry were exclusively gemmed with white diamonds, while other whipped up a brilliant contrast by infusing colored gems with white diamonds. The final product that met the eyes was a chiaroscuro of colors, brightly peppered with glittering whites.

Diamond Domination in Spring Collection

Clusters and Solitaires
Cluster diamond jewelry hold sway in the spring collection this year. Jewelers from all over the world came up with some fascinating designs in cluster diamond jewelry this year and some of them are particularly impressive. The way the combination of gems was handled by the curls and curves of the designs are truly legendary. Lacey designs are the highlights of this season. So now is the best time to pick an elaborate piece of necklace or a bangle because the signature pieces of this year are truly remarkable. Diamond Domination in Spring Collection

Solitaires too showed up in the exhibitions last spring. So, solitaire lovers can revel too. However, this year, solitaire diamond jewelry were mostly on the pricey side of the scale. The few jewelry that feature single diamonds used chunky-sized gems that are more likely to cost a good deal than not.

Although you can trim the expense a little by choosing a diamond from the lower grades, but that is not going to make a huge impact in the final figure unless the comparison is between D flawless and I3. Pendants with large size diamonds, rings with single diamonds worth a few carats were common sightings in these exhibitions. So, if you have been saving up for a nice solitaire, here is your chance to pick a great piece.

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