Diamond Cuts That Are Most Popular This Year

The popularity of diamond cuts surge and fade with changing times. While princess and round cuts ruled the market for what seemed like a pretty long time, others waited in the fringe for their turn. Finally the time has come for a shift and that’s showing in the customers’ changing tastes and interests. Like every year, surveyors conducted a research around the middle of the year to see if they can find a trend in the popularity of diamond cuts. Just as expected, the sales and purchases of diamonds show a pattern that looks something like this.
The list below shows the most sold diamond cuts this year, in order of popularity.


Like the last year and the year before, the chart still opens with round-cut diamonds. However, this is not in contradiction to the statement made earlier about the changing situation. Round-cuts are still one of the most sold diamonds in the market and that is because there is hardly any other cut that matches the brilliance of this one. However, as you go down the list, you will notice a lot of shuffling.


Second to round-cut is the princess cut this year. This cut is loved for its wonderful elements of brilliance and symmetry. The cut is a mix of step and brilliance which explains the unparalleled magnificence of this square cut. Still one of the most popular choices of cuts for engagement rings, this is paralleled by emerald cut this year.

Cushion-Cut with a Vintage Flair

Cushion cut has come up in many places to be one of the most popular cuts this year, but there is a catch. The cut that ranks third is not a classic cushion cut but one with a vintage flair to it. These cushion cuts are closer to the antique old mine cut. They feature rounded corners and a rectangular shape.


Oval cut has risen in several places by the virtue of its visual advantage. This cut can virtually make any diamond look substantially heavier than it really is. If you don’t believe it, check out the carats of some of the oval-cut diamonds in the gallery.


Emerald cut was a pretty popular style in the Art Deco era of 1920s. This style has made a smashing return with great flourish, this time targeting the engagement ring section.

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