Deciding Between a Classic and Fancy Cut

Perhaps the most problematic and enduring dilemma of a diamond buyer, it always comes down to making up your mind between classic and modern cuts. Classic cut, by rule, are enduringly sophisticated and charismatic, but are few and far between.

Fancy cuts on the contrary are galore in the market at this point. Riding the back of a change that is gradually taking over the market, lapidaries are encouraged to build newer cuts that exhibit new geometries and are thereby, aesthetically novel.
However, the hankering for classic cuts hasn’t diminished with the rise of new and modern cuts. So, the clash between the two still remains in the minds of the buyers.

To straighten things out in matters of making a choice, one can delve deeper into their minds to trace out what they really like and what they want. A side by analogy that can help arrive at a conclusive end is to illustrate the any two suitable specimens from the two categories.

Let’s start the discourse by picking two resembling cuts from either types, cushion and princess cut. A princess cut, as we all know, is a classic brilliant cut, whereas a cushion cut, though not by definition modern, is labeled a fancy cut. Both cuts are pretty similar looking, in that they are square in shape with close facet patterns. As much as they look alike, they are different.
The princess cut has clean and sharp lines, a classic and a brilliant cut. A cushion cut however has soft corners and is a smidge more romantic in feel. It is not a brilliant cut and despite its existence was first recorded in the 19th century, which is safe to say, the era in which it was first made, it is a fancy cut.

Now the contention between the two arises in the minds of a buyer when they have already made up their mind about a square-cut stone. Had they wanted something round, the confusion would have been between a round and an oval cut.
Be that as it may, the sole point of the exercise remains unchanged, to find out which you like better. If you are a traditionalist who just can find themselves moving from a classic cut into something newer and equally gorgeous, then give a thought to why then are you still undecided about the classic cut.

Whatever your choice is, a diamond is priceless in all its shapes and forms.

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