Custom-Stacking Diamond Rings to Accessorize a Breathtaking Designer Gown

The concept of stacking has passed on from bangles and bracelets to rings. It is not within the means of every fashion loyalists to buy a sparkler that sports a ridiculously large rock in the center. That might make-do for a Versace gown, but when you don’t have that, skipping the night is not the only option. You can stack your cluster diamond rings together to create a much fuller design. Wearing one such ornament to a ball is a great way of making a style statement. You may not have the shockingly expensive designer rings, but with some imagination, you can put together a piece that will steal the show.

Single Stone Rings with Diamond Dust Drizzled on the Bands
For this one, you only need three or four solitaires. No matter if you don’t have those top of the table pieces. We can work with really slender rings that have centers stones lesser than a full carat. The magic is in the arrangement. Stack the rings together in a manner so that the center diamonds face different directions at an interval of short spacing. The idea is to scatter the sparkle of the stones for maximum effect. This style works best for rings that have bands encrusted with diamond dust.


Three or Five Stone Rings
You can create a blinding sparkle just by putting together diamond rings that have three or five center stones. Make sure that none of the rings are worn with their centers turned to the middle of your ring, like it should be. The idea is to create rows of dots and dash in an opposing sequence. The stones when come together radiate twice as brightly as they do individually.


Rings with Center and Accent Stones
Assembling ornate rings together make for a very gorgeous single piece. You might want to use not more than just two rings if you have a slender built. Plump bodied women can go as they like with this arrangement. Use more than three if it fits your finger. Manicure your nails well for your ring hand is going to be the center of attention and awe at the party. Try to adjust the sequence to make room for all the rings. The stone works of all the pieces should be filling up the center of the finger and finding the right sequence is important for that. Don’t hesitate to stack rings with different gemstones. The colors will create a contrast and confluence, something that would be hard to ignore. Choose your gown wisely with this mix and match.

You can experiment with stacking to come up with really surprising original combinations.

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