What Should You Consider Before Buying Three Stone Rings?


Diamonds are not mere adornment anymore. For some, it means serious investment while for others it is a unique stone that represents your love and marital status. However, the solitaire is almost passé now as very few can afford to gift the huge rocks for adorning the fingers of their lady love. Individuals, even celebs are now moving away from the traditional and embracing the offbeat style with a vengeance. Do take some time to consider the three stone rings in a variety of cuts and designs, if you love the idea of standing out.

This is a unique style of ring that is ripe with meanings and hidden significance. Legend has it that the Trinity rings as they are sometimes known as, represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and is steeped in Biblical tradition. Yet others especially the family men love to believe in the power of their own families and think that the three stone rings are representative of the father, mother, and son. Yet others are satisfied with purchasing one on their 3rd anniversary. The meaning of the Trilogy rings has no limits; however, it is important to believe as you will although there are no strict regulations for wearing it.

Let not the hidden meaning stop you from adorning your fingers on special occasions though. The style of the three stone rings are extremely versatile too and you are likely to have trouble trying to choose between the diamond entrenched rings to the ones containing other precious and semi precious stones. Almost all of them are fascinating to look at and have the power to take your breath away by sparkling prettily as you try it on your fingers.

It may be time to consider some facts though before you succumb to the lure of the magnificent trinity ring without any apparent rhyme or reason. A ring that contains three identical stones cut in exactly the same way is regarded to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can definitely settle for cushion or emerald cuts that are most popular in trilogy rings.
Having a couple of baguettes or pear shaped stones on either side of a Princess diamond certainly has its appeal too. The round, marquise, and oval cut diamonds may have to have a firmer setting within the triumvirate in order to stay put on your finger especially, if you intend to wear it on a regular basis. Adding a tiny triple band just below the main stones will give your ring more oomph and bedazzle the beholder.

Do check with a diamond expert, if you are yearning for a 3-stone ring though. It will help you to get the best deal and wow the world at the same time.

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