Some Classy Earrings You Just Can’t Pass on

Although there is no shortage of choices in earrings today, buyers often find themselves settling for the less than perfect pair. That’s mostly because, as abundant as the choices are, there is also the question of matching one’s style. Buyers normally get selective when finding a pair of earrings that fluidly matches their style and that makes the choices fewer and fewer. Here are some excellent specimens of earrings that not only match everybody’s style, but are also easily captivating. Let’s take a look at the earrings that you can’t just pass on without adding them to your wish list.

Round Three-Prong Solitaire Studs
The round prong-style studs may sound like a classic, but in reality it is not. Unique and very modern, this one features the diamonds of the favorite brilliant cut. However, what sets these apart is the three-prong setting style. Secured with the use of three prongs, these studs offer a no-droop fit. Sitting close to the ears, they sparkle like stars.

Primrose Studs
The primrose earrings are high in fashion at this point, simple and dainty, it marries comfort with cute. These studs are both lightweight and stylish, something you can wear no matter the occasion. They work well with office formals as well as chic outfits and even party wears. These two have a very smug fit like the solitaire studs.

Trillion Studs
We strongly recommend the trillion stud to any woman who is in love with geometric designs. Rare and beautiful, the trillion studs are a perfect go-to earrings for women of all age groups. They are very modern in design. With these in your jewelry box, you will never have to worry about having a pair of earrings to wear with all kinds of outfits.

Bezel Round Studs
Even simpler, but every bit as classy is the bezel round studs. Set with a round brilliant-cut diamond each, this earring is simply charming. Smooth bezel finish makes them snag-free and extremely comfortable to wear day and night. The bezel round studs is one of those earrings you can wear to bed without any discomfort.

With these earrings in your collection, you are all set to rock any wardrobe without any effort. So get out there and grab your favorite studs and make your collection fully versatile. Check out your nearest store or browse online to find the studs of your choice.

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