Some Classic Specimens of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The beauty of a diamond has been appreciated in poetry and verses through history. For centuries, diamond has been the standard poetic allusion for something rare and dazzling. Grace of women in the lines of poems have been equated with the brilliance of diamonds. In modern times, people’s epicurean taste is the chief impetus behind appreciating and owning diamonds. Of all cuts that have found their way to the 15 minutes of fame and glory, emerald cut is the most unique of all. Though justly speaking, all cuts of diamonds are one-off in their own ways, emerald cuts is a whole different play of facets altogether. Taking advantage of the quality of the cut, emerald cut engagement rings have grown wildly popular. Let’s take a look at some designs available.

A Classic Emerald Cut Solitaire
This is a plain solitaire with least ornamentation. It bears a classic cut diamond with a platinum body. Despite its simplicity, the ring has a dramatic presentation. The stone is a giant 1 carat cut to precision. The lack of aggrandizement in the designs leave all attention spare to enjoy the beautiful ripple effects of the stone. The table is wide and long, the shape a perfect rectangle and the pavilion demonstrating a pluperfect step cut that catches and bounces lights on and off. The stone is upheld by a four-prongs setting.

Bead-Set Emerald Cut Ring
This classically designed ring has a vintage feel about it. It is ornate, and screams lavishness in its built. Wrapped in diamonds, the design does not give away its platinum built at all. A center emerald cut diamond of 1 carat fills the center while a borderline of accent stones lace the outside. The band gets similar amelioration with round cut loose diamonds in a perfect ring setting. The hall of mirror illusion of the cut resonates through the micro-dazzle of the surrounding stones making it appear as grand as possible.

Emerald Cut Ring with Diamond Dust Band
This is essentially a mix of the two above with diamond dust encrusting the entire circle of the band. The ring looks perfect what with the dusk sparkling like thousand lights when put under light. As for the larger stone, it does the magic. The step cuts of the emerald diamond heightens the blaze and fire. The stone used for this is likely to have a significant bow-tie effect. That adds to the beauty of the show.

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