Classic Bridal Jewelry with a Refreshing Streak

Classic doesn’t have to be boring. It can be gorgeous and timeless both at the same time, and with the fresh arrival of classic bridal jewelry with a modern twist, things are starting to look up in the traditional section. The recent revisit of designs have left the buyers mesmerized and caught in the creative web of these pieces. Each jewel here is a poem in itself. So before you cringe at the idea of going classic on your wedding day, stop to check out the new collection that has landed in the market. None of the pieces are imports from outdated trends or fabrications of overused designs. They are wholly different from how you knew classic jewelry to be.


Single-Row Tennis Bracelets

The single-row bracelets in the bridal section are to die for. To get a clearer hands-on idea of what I’m saying, check out the bezel setting single row bracelets. They embody simplicity at its best. Sparkling and sophisticate, these bracelets are simply fabulous.


French Quarter Drop Earrings

The French Quarter drop earrings are a surprising blend of French Quarter wedding and engagement rings and drop earrings. Combing both to form a lovely pair of pair earrings clasped by a tiny-hinged hoop, these earrings are show-stoppers. So, instead of spending huge on chandelier earrings, pick these to stay classy, and very modern.


Cluster Rings

Why should your engagement ring alone enjoy all the attention on your wedding ring? Stack up a finger of your other hand with a combination of bands and cluster diamond ring. Classic cluster rings carry three large stones instead of a bunch of microscopic gems set to resemble a flower. Often set with a mix of different fancy cuts, these rings are loved for their standout silhouettes.

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