How to Care for Your Diamonds to Sustain the Shine and Shimmer


All diamond stones need an aftercare routine to keep the shine and luster from fading with time and use. According to gemologists, the brilliance of a diamond is a lot more enduring, and that, though contrasts with the finds of most users, is only because these little babies were not cared for in the right fashion. Cleaning a diamond is a very basic process and it is anything but elaborative. You need not more than 5 minutes of your time to clean and polish them back to their showroom condition. One thing that keeps coming in the way though is forgetting or neglecting to do it. So, if they do not hinder you, keeping your diamonds bright and shiny for the rest of their lives is not a problem at all.

The Common Reasons of Staining

The first reason that contributes unreservedly to the staining and scaring of diamonds is exposure to skin oils and chemical sprays. Cologne, body wash, deodorants, perfumes and even moisturizer and hydrants can steal away the shine from the surface of the stone. But, thankfully, that is not permanent. The grease and oil from these chemicals settle on the outer sides of the stone slowly obscuring the brilliance of the stones. Then the mild knock and nick that the stones are exposed through daily use are also potentially harmful to the shine of the stone.


Basics of Handling

There are some don’ts of handling that can minimize the instances of staining and scarring. The first rule of handling a diamond is to handle as less as possible. You don’t want the oil from your finger tips to get transferred on it. Ideally, if you are wearing it every day, it needs a cleaning every day.


Routine Cleansing

So, how do you clean your diamonds without further diminishing the glamour with the use of abrasive chemicals? For regular cleaning, use a tepid warm solution containing water and some drops of ammonia. Dip the ornaments and stones in it and leave it aside for a few minutes. Pick them out one at a time and give them a gentle scrub with a discarded baby toothbrush. Do not rub too hard on the stone for that works adversely. Rinse it under running water and shake them dry. Soak up the residual moisture in a soft, clean cotton cloth. Do this once every week and your diamond will sparkle everyday like the first time.

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