Buying a Ring without Knowing the Exact Size

Buying a ring without knowing the size can be challenging in many ways. It’s not something that any jeweler would recommend unless of course it’s a matter of surprise or secrecy. In a case where you are looking for an engagement ring to pop the big question of marriage, there is a fair reason to tread the unfamiliar grounds to keep the thing a total hush hush. However, assuming from the fact that you are reading this article, you are looking to buy a ring for your beloved and you don’t know her exact size and you don’t want to blabber it out for good reasons, you should be happy to know that there are some back ways of making that project a success.

Buying a Ring without Knowing the Exact Size

The Game of Averages
When you have no clue about her finger size, you have to start from what you know. Now most women have an average ring size which is between sizes 5 and 7. The average height of a woman in the US is 5’4”. These two are vital clues to finding the ring size of a person. If your beloved falls within these marks, then the size can be determined by throwing in a couple of other factors like her body type and finger shapes and such. However, if she is a little shorter or probably weighs more than the average, then the obvious thing to do is to go a size up or down to make adjustments. Well, if all of these calculations fail, the good news is rings can always be resized later.

Some Designs Are Not Friendly to Resizing Jobs
Just to keep you informed in advance, though most engagement rings can be easily resized, there are some that are not so easy to work with. Try to pick a size that is close to her size, but even if it’s not the right size, it should be larger and not smaller. If the ring is smaller than her size, then there is no returning from that. The only option left to salvage that ring is to exchange it for another, this time, something that fits her perfectly. One other thing to keep in mind when buying a ring on a guessed size is that the band should have some bare patch at the back where it can be cut and wielded.

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