Brooches That Compliment Every Style and Go with Any Outfit

There are only a few ornaments that go with most of your dresses, even fewer that match with most. If that’s what you think of the pieces in your jewelry box, then its time to upgrade your collection. Speaking particularly of brooches, over the years, a few pieces have stolen their way into the market that are fashioned to be universally compatible, as far as fashion goes. Good news is your lookout for brooches that compliment all styles and pair well with all garments ends here. Let’s take a look at a few of these pieces that you can add to your personal selection.

Flower Brooch
The beauty of floral brooches is that they have the quality of adding a tenderness to everything. No matter how straight your pants look or how curvy your contour looks in that body-hugging gown of yours, a floral brooch on the chest will only pin a feminine side to it. With gowns and dresses, they do not cancel out the dressy feel. Instead, they add to it making the outfit even more gorgeous.

Bow Brooch
Bow brooches come in many shapes and structures. Some are complicated and knotty while others are just a couple of loops and tails. Pick whichever you like and the effect will still be the same. Bow brooches, like flower pins have the acutely feminine feel about them. The loops and tails introduce a fluidity to the attire that is not possible without dressy clothes or professional makeup. Bow brooches just can’t go wrong, no matter what you decide to accessorize it with. They go well with everything from pant suits to tights, gowns to cocktail dresses and more.

Starfish Brooch
Like the above two styles, starfish brooches also come in different styles. While some are gem-studded, others are curved out of corals. Red coral brooches with a diamond center is a perfect addition to any collection. They look perfect with clothes of any color and style. As for the pieces that are gemmed all over, they are best paired with plain dresses and clothes because its’ only unfair to dim their gorgeousness. Any gorgeous clothing will distract the eyes from the brooch.  A piece of jewel such as this you do not want to hide from the eyes. So create no distractions to make sure that pin is in plain view.

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