Bold Is the Word of 2017 Fall Fashion in Jewelry

2017 fall is here and with Halloween only a week away, there’s pumpkins everywhere. The leaves of the trees are already starting to change into blazing orange, dark red and bright yellow before they finally shed off, ushering the winter. With the temperature is already starting to drop, the transition to fall is already on the roll. The changes in the natural world has come to reflect on the fashion world, announcing the arrival of the fall collections this year. In jewelry, the transition is intriguing. With more updated selections arriving in the stores, people have already started to obsess on the fall jewelry arrivals for 2017.

Low Profile
This year’s fall collection opens with a gamut of low profile settings that have surprisingly high impacts. This season, you will get to see a lot of low bezel or otherwise smooth, round settings. Lucky for you because these settings would surely not snag your hair, gloves or winter wears. These pieces as demure as they sound, actually add a smidgeon of edginess to the warm and comfortable fall styles. However, cool and comfortable they seem, these pieces will work equally great for coffee houses and weddings. Look out for marquise and pear-cut diamond pieces, for they are on a flourish.

Chunky Studs
Stud lovers, prepare for some major expense for some irresistible pieces have made it to the market. These solitaires are brilliant chunky, and typical runway products. These big bold studs are a minimum of a carat each. Set in a variety of settings, these pieces have just the right amount of sparkle, but not pokey claws to catch your designer silk scarf. In studs, high polish is in.

Statement Pieces
If you are looking for the statement pieces of this season, then that would be hoops and drop earrings, really large ones. At this point, it seems that bold is the motto of this season’s collection. The drops feature halo designs while hoops are sprinkled and weighed down with diamonds that appear in every nook and cranny of the earrings. Wear them with a beanie hat or a fur jacket, but avoid scarves because you don’t want to hide these beauties. The drops are super flattering to any face shape with their wonderful elongating effect on the neck.

Rubies on the Roll
The red of the autumn colors have come to touch jewelry Red is the predominant color this season and so, pick anything that has rubies in it to stay in fashion.

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