Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying an Engagement Ring

You are out buying an engagement ring. You have looked at the store collection and have picked a couple out in your mind. You are vacillating between the two choices at hand, and don’t know which one to pick. What do you do? Well, the classic saying that when in doubt, always ask fits this situation seamlessly. So, before you make that call, here are some important questions you want to ask yourself. Let the answers determine whether to go ahead and make the purchase or step back while there is still time. Here is a complete list of questions that you want to ask yourself internally before buying the dream ring.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying an Engagement Ring

What’s Your Budget?
Start by asking yourself how much money have you to spare on the ring, irrespective of the prices of the rings you have singled out. They may match one or both, or neither, but that is irrespective. It is important to know how much you can safely and comfortably spend on the ring before going forth with signing the check or swapping the card. The answer will either solve the dilemma or set you on the right path.

What Kind of Ring Would She Want?
The next thing to determine is what style of ring she wants. In engagement rings, styles are practically endless. So, there is no definite way of knowing which one she would like unless she is present in the store with you. Assuming that she isn’t, the answer lies in little clues that you may have gathered over the time you’ve been together from her choice in jewelry. The simple math of it will nudge you towards the right style.

What’s the Exact Size of Her Ring?
This too is important to know, unless you want to go through the pain of exchange. And if it’s a made-to-order piece, you definitely need to know the right size. Approach a friend of hers or borrow a ring from her collection to be sure.

Do You Have a Date in Mind for the Proposal?
This will give you an idea of how much time you have in mind. Alternately, you can have the date inscribed in the ring to eternalize the memory.

Does the Ring in Question Fit the Standards of 4Cs?
As a buyer you will have some standard requirements in terms of the 4Cs of the diamond. See if it checks all the boxes.

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