Affordable Pendants for Everyday Wear

A jewelry collection, no matter how big, can never have enough dainty wearables. Pendants are among those pieces that one so often feels wanting more of. As much as you would love to own more pieces for everyday wear, there is no ignoring the truth that they come for gnarly prices. To circumvent that bit, we have rounded up for you some affordable pendants that you can afford even with the month end remains of your paycheck. Here are some surprisingly affordable but sizzling pieces that makes easy purchases for anybody who appreciates the importance of accessories.

Affordable Pendants for Everyday Wear

Classic Round-Cut Pendant
Now this one may look like an exception for this list, but hear me out. Not all solitaires cost an arm and a leg, not this one at least. Fixed in a basket setting, this pendant features as you already know from the header, a sparkling classic round-cut diamond. A forked loop hangs the piece from the chain. How this pendant made it to this list is the part that’s most interesting. Despite featuring the costliest cut of diamond, this pendant is one of the most affordable pieces because of two things- a small size stone and a basket setting that gives it the right amount of elevation.

Aquamarine Center Halo Pendant
Want a hard-to-miss pendant that makes a fine everyday wear and costs little, you need to think outside diamond, at least for some part. The aquamarine center halo pendant is gorgeously beautiful, and still conservatively priced. The blue center of the locket is held in place with a diamond halo which forms its diamond-dusted rim. The absence of great hunks of precious stones and the use of a semi-precious center stone do the trick for the price.

Entwined Rings Pendant
Does a pendant carrying interlocking gemmed circles interest you? It does most people who look out for modern and minimal designs. This one is straightforward, but extremely elegant. In its difference, it carries a boldness which is masked well in its elegance.

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