Affordable Alternatives of Expensive Gems

Jewelry is more than just fashion stating articles. They each speak volumes about the era they come from. In this space-age, jewelry is a tell-tell of many things, your style for instance, your personality, the times we are in and more. So from punk to bohemian, all kinds of fashion jewelry uses a combination of metals and minerals that take to fine evocative pieces. Gems, aside adding colors and meaning to jewelry also make them precious. That, more often than not, makes it difficult for the common buyers to afford a desirable piece without much preparation. But you can dodge the price bullet once and for all if you opt for cheaper alternative gems that are still natural, but less precious.
Here are some gems that can replace their pricey alternatives with ease, while bringing down the price substantially.

Peridots for Emeralds

Affordable Alternatives of Expensive Gems
There is a number of alternatives for emeralds. They are all lush, green and mysterious like their pricey counterparts. Peridots for one offers a plethora of varieties in green ranging from sage to yellow. Jadeite, Jade and Moss Agate are the earthier alternatives to peridots. While peridots are transparent and thereby luminescent, jades and jadeites are opaque and dark. If you don’t mind traces of spidery inclusions, then green tourmaline is worth the dime too. The stones named demonstrate many shades of green with varying clarity, starting from imperial green all the way up to grayish green.

Rose Quartz for Pink Sapphires

Affordable Alternatives of Expensive Gems
Pink sapphires may be poor quality rubies, but they still are rubies. That explains their steep prices. Well no matter, for there is a delightfully diverse reserve of pink gems in nature that are half as expensive, while being competitively gorgeous. Jewelers are rapidly refusing pink sapphires for rose quartz on public demand. Other alternatives to these pink beauties are strawberry quartz, pink tourmaline and kunzite. The gems occur in a rich palette of colors including exotic shades like purple pink and watermelon pink.

Smoke Quartz for Black Diamonds

Affordable Alternatives of Expensive Gems
Black diamonds as many of you must know are timeless, but are also extravagantly pricey. It requires months of savings to purchase something that has a piece of smoky diamond in it. Why go through all the trouble when you can find their alternatives in onyx, smoky quartz or even black tourmaline. They have the depth and mystery of black diamonds, minus their exorbitant prices.

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