About Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are delicate, but colored diamonds are just as rare as it gets. Though colored diamonds are not exactly scarce in nature, they do not share the glory of their achromatic cousin because of the consumers’ tendency to trending. Colored diamonds are so blurry in people’s knowledge that most are unaware of the many fantastic colors diamonds naturally occur in. Yes, it came as a fascinating fact to most when these shiny, delightfully, motley gems were introduced to the market, some years back. Soon racks and shelves started to fill up with ornaments displaying colored diamonds and eyeballs started to roll over to these pretty pieces. If you too have had an overdose of transparent diamonds like many others, then here is another full treasure chest that awaits exploration.

Pink Diamonds: If the list looks pretty extensive from here, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Pink diamonds are virgin stones that have made shy appearances in engagement rings and women’s danglers, secretly whispering the genteel side of fascinating womanhood.

Purple Diamonds: Purple diamonds are girly at the very first glance. The purple in diamonds is not solid, but lucid, not fiery, but gentle, with an unreal glitter about it.

Brown Diamonds: Brown diamonds appear among Included-grade stones, but they are your chance at trying something different. The dark shade of brown on diamonds assume a mystical beauty that only but others of its kind can parallel. They make fine additions to wristlets, bracelets and even promise rings and dress rings.

Gray Diamonds: Gray diamonds are the lasts to bear the simulacrum of their pristine, see-through cousins. But on them rests the responsibility of exhibiting a difference that would beckon the world to hug the change.

Yellow Diamonds:
Want something showy? There is no other variety in diamonds that can match the fire and vibrancy of a yellow diamond.

Orange Diamonds: The orange diamond is a blazing ball of fire that can shame the brightness of the daylight. One orange diamond can set a piece of jewelry to fire just by its single-most presence.

Blue Diamonds: Blue diamonds are downright costly, and that’s because they are truly rare. They occur in all shades of greenish light blue to fancy blue. Blue diamonds have been a signature in crowning jewels of royalties and nobilities.

Green Diamonds: If you are thinking emeralds as cheaper alternatives, then surely you haven’t set eyes on these fascinating gemstones. They come in colors from light yellowish green to earth green.

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