A Comparative Study of Yellow and Rose Gold

There has been an ongoing contention between yellow and rose gold since the time the latter started to garner the attention of the buyers. The soaring popularity of rose gold has caused the focus to shift mildly from the classic yellow gold. Some experts predict that the shift is only transient. According to this sect of experts, as with so many other times, the eyes have tentatively glued to this new entrant, a pretty variant of gold. They also indicate that the attention will eventually revert to the classic variety of gold for the right reasons. However, for now, the popularity of pink gold has exploded and the market has suddenly found itself a fine new obsession. Let’s get a perspective on these two kinds of gold.

A Comparative Study of Yellow and Rose Gold

The first thing to note about gold is its purity. The scale goes all the way up to 24K, which is the highest grade of gold. The least pure is 10K. Anything below that figure does not have enough gold in it to be labeled as golden. In yellow gold, the purity can vary between 10 and 24K, which means you can buy yellow gold in the least and purest form possible. But, with pink gold, there is a slight bit of complication. Pink, white and black golds are made from alloy gold which eliminates the possibility of obtaining any of these varieties in 24K. In fact they are not even available in 22K mark because of the other metals used in the mix.

At this point, the color pink is definitely a greater attraction than yellow gold. The reason rose gold has taken precedence over the yellow counterpart is because it is the first of its kinds. We have hardly seen colors in gold, except yellow, and lately white. The pink is definitely an inviting break from the regularity. Color-wise pink is more flattering to different skin tones. It has a distinct quality about it which makes it very feminine and delicate, something the buyers have taken a major interest in.

Speaking of value, yellow gold tops the scores here. Because it has a much higher purity than alloy gold, it is generally of greater value than other gold varieties. However, comparatively speaking, a 14K yellow gold ornament cannot exceed the value of an 18K pink gold piece. So, aside such exceptions, yellow gold is more valuable than pink gold.

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