5 Cool Jewelry Pieces That Will Stay in Fashion This Whole Year

The biggest problem with fashion, which is also the most exciting aspect of it, is that it keeps shuffling. What’s hot this year goes up in the air the next and completely out of the picture in the following years. So, for people like us, who have a finite resource to spare on expensive jewelry, keeping up can often seem like a heck of a job. You either put your finances in hot water in your chase for glamor, or simply bear to look mediocre from the fashion perspective. In order to end up in neither of the boats, you have to be mindful in your purchasing decisions. A failsafe way is to map your purchases in advance and check the boxes as you go. For this year, here are a few pieces that you should include in your list to keep the fashion meter above the rest.

Long Necklaces: Though chokers have held on to their first place in the past few seasons, this year, the numero uno position has been usurped by long necklaces. These pieces have made a comeback this year and have got the high-fashion people busy in reimagining the styles and designs. So far, long rope chains with big clunky pendants are what models are walking the ramp in.

Arty Earrings: You may still hold the diamond studs and chandelier earrings dear to your heart, but you may have to keep them locked in your vault for some time. This year, arty earrings are making the statements and that makes it obvious that it will be a while before you can confidently wear those studs again. This year is more about futuristic lines and graphic shapes, designs that are not just inspiring, but innovative as well.

Uncut and Cabochon Gems: Though brilliant cut diamonds are still at large, the fashion headquarters are not obsessing on them anymore. This year, the industry is looking more towards uncut and cabochon gems than polished and symmetrically cut ones. That gives you the liberty to pick from the quartz section too, if you will.

Chokers: Chokers never really went out of trend. They only exchanged places with long neckpieces. Only this year, they are bolder and heavier. Chokers with pendants are the statements this year.

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