4 Pieces of Jewels a Woman Must Possess Before Late


Pieces of jewelry are not pick-and-mix candies that are sold in dispensers outside grocery stores. Neither do they come at the price of marbles or the likes. It takes some saving, some budgeting and some patience to be able to afford some. So, it is pragmatic to limit yourself by the essentials before you start assimilating the coveted higher buys. Here are some pieces that every woman with a reasonable taste must have in their vaults before they turn thirty. These pieces are lifetime assets and are not likely to go out of fashion, or age, unless one decides on something staggering as changing their gender.

Diamond Studs: Every woman who knows how precious and dear diamonds are should have a pair of diamond studs in their collection. They are pretty much both work and party wears, extremely comfortable and starkly pretty. Bummer, they are also extravagantly pricey. There is obviously a solution though. Go for the cluster diamond studs. They are embedded with multiple small stones that have same reflectivity as the bigger ones, when seen from a distance. Only they are much marginally priced.

A Gold and Carbon Bracelet: A light chain-link bracelet can be made into an everyday wear if you like. Even better if it has black in it, for it is never a mismatch, with colors. Plus, the classic yellow gold is always a mark of sophistication. A simple chain bracelet with about four to five tags of carbon clovers make a beautiful piece of jewel. The black of carbon emblazons the yellow of the gold it sits in.

A Pinkie Finger Ring: Most fashion icons would recommend a personalized ring for your pinkie, but that is an open choice. If you don’t want to wear the initial of your name in your finger, because honestly it is not exactly very inspirational, you may opt out. A simple round, bezel setting ring with the gemstone of your choice (preferably colored) makes a fine ornament for the most subtle finger. Try to keep it simple because you can’t have a very wide table on a small ring.

A Thin Long Chain: You might oversee the necessity of this piece of jewel in the dazzle of others, but you can’t keep it for later, forever. Sooner or later you will find yourself walking into the store just to look at the long chains. Pick a platinum one, preferably very thin, but not flimsy and it will be your leave-on jewelry for the most of the weeks.

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