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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Valentin Magro takes pride in the mammoth collection of diamonds. As one of the leading dealers in diamonds, we have taken care to include all types of diamonds that meet all the small specifications in such categories as cut, clarity, polish, color, carat, symmetry, depth, table, fluorescene etc. With us you can expect to get the diamond of your dreams and in the exact specifications you’re interested in. Our collection ranges from the most popular round brilliant cut diamond to the rarest radiant cut diamonds.

Diamonds come in a price range that varies from a mere $50 to $4 million and above. They have a carat range starting from 0.04 to 25ct. The cut of a diamond can be graded as excellent, very good, good and fair. The color of a diamond is categorized into grades D to Z, where D is colorless. Diamond’s clarity grades are divided into flawless, internally flawless, very very slight inclusions, very slight inclusions, slight inclusions and imperfect. Its symmetry can be graded into excellent, very good, good and fair. Some diamonds also have a small amount of fluorescence, which can be categorized as per their intensity into none, faint, medium and strong. Its polish is graded into excellent, very good, good and fair.

So, with such a huge range of specifications to consider, it often becomes a difficult task to dig out the one you are looking for. In order to save you time, give you the scope to do your own research and to narrow down your search, we have designed an easy to navigate search panel. With this at your disposal, you can take your own sweet time to decide which type of diamond will best suit your budget. For example; if you are searching for a pear cut diamond or a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring our search panels have all the specifications listed. You will simply need to navigate the arrows as per your desired specifications and check its availability.